Maharat Al-Emar Company (MEC) is a trusted partner for customers in oil & gas, construction, industrial and manufacturing businesses in Iraq. Through MEC’s experience in the industry, we assure the following points:



Quick procurement turnaround with use of international procurement network


We have access to supplies in the local market. We are also experienced in developing and implementing local content plans. For materials not readily available in the local market, we have an international procurement network and have the capability to purchase supplies directly from the manufacturers that meet OSHA safety standards.



Quality Standards


We continuously strive in delivering quality services and products to satisfy our clients in accordance with compliance of statutory requirements. We describe and controls our business processes using a QMS, based upon the internationally recognized, ISO 9001:2008 standards.


Maharat Al-Emar Company (MEC) is rated as first class Iraqi registered contracting company at the chamber of commerce. We have been working in Iraq since 2003 and established regional and international experience. MEC is engaged with Oil and Gas projects for the provision of coating or painting materials, as we have a workshop in Al-Zubair. Our local knowledge merged with strictly followed international standards enabled us to develop MEC businesses in different regions in Iraq, tackle specialized projects; all this was supported by our client outstanding satisfaction.


In MEC we invest in staff and people, our main milestone is to develop the local communities and societies  within parameters of our projects, this has added value to our overall results and achievements.

Tel: +971 4 361 5366  |  E-mail: info@mecllc.co

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